Best Penis Pump Reviews

Penis pumps are becoming a common rave to men nowadays. With the increasing demand for sexual intimacy or sexual satisfaction, men have been looking for an effective solution. Some may choose to use steroids, enlargement pills or penis exercises that may or may not be effective. Medical science has also produced various innovative developments to assist this problem, developing topical enlargement ointments or resorting to surgical enhancement procedures. Medical science has then made a breakthrough for men; this is the penis pump.

What’s a Penis Pump?

A Penis Vacuum Pump or Penis Enlargement Device is a piece of equipment designed to constrict blood vessels in the penile muscles. This is commonly used to treat erectile dysfunction or can be a post-surgery assisting tool for men with colon or prostate cancer. It can also assist people who have psychological deficiency in self-esteem, have anxiety problems or depression. Other than treatment purposes, penis pumps can be a source of satisfaction or enjoyment for men alone or with their partners.

Generally, penis pumps are cylindrical objects with a pump. This enlargement device is placed on the penis with the pump often at the top. A constriction bond is then placed on the lower shaft to control the vacuum. The role of the penis enlargement pump is to draw a vacuum motion thereby causing continuous and steady flow of blood to the muscles and maintain erection.

With its reputation both as a sexual device and a supportive tool in the medical field, different companies have produced different penis pumps that it is now hard to choose. There may be penis pumps out there that are hoaxes made to go with the steady flow of top market penis pumps.

With the market hype, how do you choose the more effective penis pump? How do you know that it is safe and right for you?

In this article, we will help you out by comparing the top three penis pumps in the market.

X4 Labs’s Penis Pump

Price:  $39.95

This is a fair amount of price considering that it has now topped as one of the leading penis pumps in the market. X4 Lab’s Penis Pump comes with the standard penis pump device which has the premium pump mechanism and a release valve and 1 premium lubricant sample. Recommended by doctors worldwide, x4 Lab’s penis pump is more of an assisting tool for treating men’s medical illnesses.

The Pro’s here are that it’s a simple mechanism, easy to understand, easy to use, and it is in one small package! Pumping is done manually so you have the control over how much pressure your penis will need. This is a great advantage than electrical pumps since electrical pumps have a standard vacuum motion. Another advantage is the release valve; it means that it has an “escape plan” if the vacuum is too hard to bear. The cylinder is designed to be comfortable to wear so that it can gain a “not-there” presence. This is important if the product is to be used in longer periods.

Here are the Con’s: Since it’s a manual pump, some guys might not enjoy the action fully since it’s a hassle to continue hand-pumping elsewhere. Another thing, the packaging is really flashy. The device is shown in a see-through plastic package that it can become embarrassing to purchase it. Well, it’s offered online but still, packaging can be done discreetly.

Converter Lab’s Size Doctor Electric Penis Pump

Price: $84.99

This one’s one of the leading products of Converter Lab, a popular male enhancement online retail shop. The package includes a vacuum cylinder with a specific penile size, a battery operated penile pump, a flexible silicon sleeve, adapter bushing, a loading cone for tension rings, 3 tension rings and a deluxe pouch.

First off, the original price in Converter Lab is $129.99 which more expensive compared to other leading brands. It’s a good thing they decided to have a holiday sale, where it is now reduced to $84.99. Not bad. The equipment is enclosed in a medium sized white box without a tag. That’s what I call discreet packaging. It’s edge over others? You can order the cylindrical tube that is right for your penile size. Good right? There have been a lot of problems lately due to the tube being a free-sized, meaning vacuum is not as effective as users might deem so. Electrical pumps have also a few advantages and Size Doctor’s Penis pump definitely has it since the batteries needed are only AA’s. You can leave the device over the penis and it will do its job. Now the Con’s here is: it has so many accessories! For a foreplay device, time is at the essence and hassling to attach several accessories might lose the fun. Although it includes specific instructions to use, a certain disadvantage is that there’s no quick release function. The electric pump only contains a Go button and a pressure controller. This is a risk to take since penis pump might cause a permanent disability if constriction is too much.

Penomet Water Assisted Penis Pump

Price: $ 197.00

Penomet products has got to be the most aggressive in terms of marketing and it is advertised generally as a sexual device and a treatment assisting tool, engineered and developed by years of assessment. It also boasts real life testing for 2 years before the device’s actual release. That could be the explanation why the price is so expensive. It includes only 1 cylindrical tube locked with the electric pump and comes with 2 colors, blue or colorless white.

Looks cool right? That is actually one of Penomet’s plus, that the device looks presentable, simple plus the fact that it is water assisted. A perk of using this penis pump is the interchangeable gaiter system; you can change the gaiter from 70 to 65 depending on your penile size. Measurement scales are printed on the tube so that you can see the results in a matter of minutes. Not bad.  Packaging also assures us of inconspicuous preparation, by carefully enclosing the device in one simple brown box. Not bad at all. There might be misconceptions if the pump is to be used together with water, but this tool is actually effective. It will maintain continuous vacuum pressure and will not leak water. A major plus to Penomet? It has a release button. The only Con here is that it is specifically used with water. Although you can use it as a conventional penis pump, it does not work as effectively as it is when assisted with water.

While there are many other penis pump products out there as effective and as fun to use, remember to consider the advantage and disadvantages of using penis pumps. There has been a lot of injuries due to these pump products that it might be a good idea to make this as an alternative option.